Sue Baxter


Meditation focuses and centers. Meditation feeds my core so that I can excel in all that I undertake. Meditation clears my head for the individual tasks that make up a successful day, for compassionate relationships, loving families, and communities of the spirit, the spiritual and spirituality.

​I have been trained in meditation over decades, and AWAKEN reflects that learning, growth, and focus. Over the years I’ve studied in India, trained in an ashram, created and led numerous meditation groups and attended numerous retreats in my quest to bring Presence into my daily life through the gift of the practice of meditation.

My calling now is to share these experiences with you…. so that you too can experience the depths of your own true Self.
AWAKEN is a sacred gathering of a loving community. One that supports our longing for spirituality, presence and compassion. We meditate on the Truth of our Self using numerous techniques to strengthen our focus, look within and quiet our mind. We discover fellowship with each other, and find loving growth and refuge within.

AWAKEN. A loving presence.