Meditating with Sue has been a Godsend (literally) that I look so forward to every week! She has opened me up to so many things: new ways to mediate, new teachers and readings and most of all new ways to see myself and my place in this world that we are all trying to understand. She does it all in a relaxed, friendly and relatable way. She is truly a treasure that I am so grateful to have found.”
— Karen Zantay

When life fell apart and i could see no way to move forward, Sue introduced me to meditation, to the power of focusing on what is ‘Now,’ and to the ability to quiet the mind and focus my thoughts… manifesting the life I want. Now past that low spot, I find constant reinforcement and strength at the weekly meditation sessions, along with a welcoming and loving community of friends!”
— Mark

I felt a sense of peace come over me. I let everything go”.
— Rob

I have known Sue professionally and socially for more than 15 years and have been involved in her meditation practice for several of those years. Never having meditated before, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I quickly learned Sue is an excellent guide, teacher and leader in the meditation arena. During her years of meditation practice, and associations with noted practitioners, she has come to a place where she is able to share her gifts, experiences and knowledge so beautifully with others.

During the meditation she initially focuses the group and then gently leads them into and through the meditation. The stillness and quiet within gives way to an understanding and awareness of “being” and of “existence” of the place you occupy within the universe.

Meditation with Sue, in my opinion, is not to be missed. As a guide, leader and teacher she possesses an incredible talent and ability to help one live in the “moment” without intrusion by either internal or external forces.
– Giustino